The crew neck is making a comeback after being very trendy during the 90s. As with every accessory that comes back into fashion, it is being renewed. No more black or rainbow plastic jewelry. Now, the choker is found in the form of a ribbon, cord or gold chain. If you weren't up to date 20 years ago, here's a little reminder to understand how to wear the choker necklace.

The ideal body shape to wear the Choker necklace

The choker necklace highlights people whose faces have square or elongated features. So, having a beautiful head posture is ideal for wearing the choker necklace. In this way, it ensures a slender effect on your body shape. If you are in this case, you can choose to wear a wide choker in bright colors. There are many designs that look like ribbons or cords. This enhances and dresses your long neck. However, people who have a small neck or a round face do not benefit from this type of necklace. In fact, it can flatten the silhouette. This doesn't mean this body type can't wear a choker. She just needs to pay attention to the shape and thickness of her choker when she buys it. In this case, choose delicate chokers made with fine materials. To clear your neck, lift your hair. This brightens the face while enlarging your head shape.

Match your style to your choker necklace

The advantage of the choker necklace is that it goes with everything. No matter your style, chokers come in many styles. So finding one that matches your look is easy. However, keep in mind that a choker is ideally worn with a low-cut outfit. If your upper torso is free, the confinement effect caused by the jewelry fades. So, to wear the choker necklace, opt for strapless dresses or collars that free the neck and shoulders. V-shaped, rounded or sweetheart necklines also match the jewelry.

The choker necklace comes in different models. This way it can be worn on people with long necks as well as people with wide necks. It is an accessory that adapts to all styles. Chic, romantic, rock, the choker adds a touch of class to each of your looks.

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