Rings are an essential fashion accessory for your look. However, jewelry works like clothing. In fact, they do not suit all body types. The rings come in different shapes and materials. It can be difficult to navigate in order to choose the model that best suits your appearance. This is why we are going to see together how to choose the right ring when you have small hands.

Fine rings to beautify little hands

If you have small hands, avoid weighing down your fingers with chunky jewelry. In fact, a wide ring is roughly the size of a knuckle. So it feels like it's absorbing your length. Your hands only appear shorter. However, if you really want to wear big rings, we recommend opting for cutout and chiselled styles. This allows your hand to be visible under the jewelry. So, this counters the shrinking effect, because the visual is airy. To carefully select your ring when you have small hands, we advise you to choose thin and discreet models. At least they don't weigh down your finger. However, simple rings are not very original. To add a touch of creativity, opt for a ring with colored stones or rose gold, which has been very popular in recent years. In any case, do not accumulate rings. The goal is for your hands to breathe to appear larger.

Lengthen little fingers with stone-adorned rings

To choose the right ring when you have small hands, choose a piece of jewelry adorned with an oval stone. This has the effect of changing the appearance of your finger. In fact, the elongated shape of the stone visually enlarges your finger and therefore your hand. Rectangular stones have the same effect on your hands, as long as they don't cover the width of your knuckle.

Choosing the right ring when you have small hands: adjustable rings

Small hands frequently involve slender fingers. This requires you to constantly adjust your jewelry so as not to lose it. Rather than taking this risk, get adjustable rings . This way you can tighten the ring however you want. This way, you avoid the detour to the jeweler so that it fits your size.

To choose the right ring when you have small hands, you absolutely must favor fine and delicate models. Concerning the stones, go for stretched shapes without ever covering the width of your phalanx. The goal is to give the effect of length to your fingers in order to visually enlarge your hand.