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Jojoba oil, so sought after... Our jojoba oil, so pure, comes from wild trees in southern Madagascar: a hot, dry climate; a wild and preserved nature. Optimal conditions for our powerful and gentle Jobi Jojoba, to restore your skin to supple and nourished skin.


In the morning, apply it like a day cream, a small amount is enough.

And what's more, it makes an excellent make-up base!

On the body, alone or mixed with a few drops of essential oil, in a circular massage, it firms and nourishes your skin.

It's a dry oil, don't wait before getting dressed!

For healthy hair, use a few drops on your ends to nourish them and protect them from the appearance of split ends.

If you are wondering if this oil meets your needs, this paragraph is for you.

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It's for me if:

- I want a precious oil to regenerate my skin, or for a high-end daily routine

- I want an oil suitable for micro facial treatments, for acne or imperfections by mixing it with other essential oils.

- I want a balancing and gentle serum for all skin types

- I want a make-up remover with a little care for my face

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Originally from the Sonoran desert in northwestern Mexico and in the southwestern United States, jojoba has a very special history and has always been used for cosmetic care without, however, immediately gaining fame. Nicknamed "the gold of the Incas", its use is ancient among the indigenous populations of Mexico. Its rise in our societies comes from the abandonment of sperm whale oil and the various oil crises which originally asked the world of traditional cosmetics to renew their sources of raw materials. Fortunately for our bodies and skins, today is the time for a return to nature, and therefore to the treasures of yesteryear, such as Jojoba. Our "Jobi Jojoba" oil comes from Madagascar, where the arid climate of certain regions is very favorable to it.

This oil is particularly rich in Omega-9, which gives it its much sought-after protective properties. Without treatment, unrefined, cold pressed slowly from the first press, our jojoba oil retains all these precious active elements.

With us, everything is fair, artisanal and respectful of the environment. We visit each production workshop, we know each producer, we have tested and re-tested each of the products: we put our heart into it, and we label all the oil bottles by hand! We strive to find the producers most attached to the quality of their products, to respect for nature, and we reward them at the fair value of their efforts.

To make your own healthy and natural preparations, with pure products.

the recipes.

Suggestion n°1: Daily care for the face
Six days out of seven, apply a few drops to the face, paying particular attention to fine lines and crow's feet. Jojoba has a very good rebalancing action on the sebum of your skin, which rehydrates it, smoothes it and restores its shine.

Its anti-aging action is also very powerful and will leave your skin soft, without film

Suggestion n°2: An anti-acne treatment
Prepare about 5 mL of our "Jobi Jojoba" oil in a small bottle, then add 4 drops of palmarosa and wild lemon essential oils. Apply to acne blemishes once a day until impurities disappear.

Suggestion #3: An anti-heavy-legs massage. In 10 mL of jojoba vegetable oil, add 5 drops of wild lemon essential oil and 3 drops of iary essential oil.

The action of lemon and iary also has a calming effect on the nervous system and fat burner. This mixture is therefore ideal for a massage on the legs to fight against cellulite and heavy legs!

Apply directly to the skin, on the legs in long circular massages from the bottom to the top of the thighs.

the composition.

Oleic Acid (Omega 9):
The last of the three essential fatty acids: to nourish your skin over the long term, restore its suppleness, repair it. Sebum is made up of 30% of it.

Vitamin B:
Sheathing, fortifying, nourishing. Thanks to this vitamin, jojoba oil is so effective for your hair. Your tips will thank you.

Vitamin E:
The natural preservative. No need for additives or chemicals, vitamin E is naturally present in jojoba oil. The anti-ageing action is thanks to her.

Vegan products not tested on animals

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(made in Europe!)

No pure and natural chemicals

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