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No notice needed, it applies as it is. In the morning, a pipette on the face and a few on the body and that's it! Enjoy how the oil easily penetrates your skin, it does not leave a greasy film and softens quickly.

If you are wondering if this oil meets your needs, this paragraph is for you.

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It's for me if:

- I want sun-kissed skin all year round

- I want a lightweight all-purpose oil

- I want to protect my skin while nourishing it

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Our carrots are supplied to us by Pascal, an organic producer in the Ardennes, 30km from our workshop. We know it thanks to Arnaud, our hemp producer. It turns out that he has to throw away the carrots that the distribution refuses because misshapen, too small, too big or whatever. What I know for sure is that the quality of their carrots is incredible and that we are proud to use them to make Carotte des Caraïbes, our oily carrot macerate. Also called carrot oil!

The maceration is done in our workshop, with the same skill as our vanilla oil. That is to say gently by ensuring the quality of our products. We used sunflower oil made by Arnaud, our lifelong friend, an organic producer located a few kilometers from our workshop to be sure of the excellent quality of the oil. With all this you get a powerful carrot oil.

To make your own healthy and natural preparations, with pure products.

the recipes.

Recipe 1: Day oil Mix a pipette of jojoba oil with one of carrot oil and that's it! A combo of softness and protection, all with a pretty glow!

Recipe 2: After-sun oil Mix a pipette of carrot oil with baobab oil to soothe your skin after long exposure in the sun (perfect recipe for sunburn too!)

Recipe 3: Pre-shampoo mask Mix avocado oil, castor oil and carrot oil (a pipette each) and apply to the entire length and to your ends. Leave it on for at least 30 min (overnight if possible) and your hair will shine!

the composition.


Our carrot oil is made from organic carrots macerated in sunflower oil.

What are its properties that make it a magical oil?

Vitamin A (beta-carotene):
Powerful antioxidant. Slows down the aging of the skin, gives an orange color, facilitates healing.

Vitamin F:
Fights dryness of the skin and is an ally against wrinkles

Linoleic acid (Omega-6):
Essential fatty acid: your body needs it but does not produce it. Our mirabelle plum oil is full of it! Its nourishing power is incomparable.

Vegan products not tested on animals

Packaged in France cocorico!

100% recyclable bottles
(made in Europe!)

No pure and natural chemicals

Beautiful pipettes (in glass and bamboo)

Happy customers!