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There are 8 species of baobab; on the African continent, only one is present. 7 exist on the island of Madagascar, of which 6 only here. It is from one of these species that our baobab oil comes. In the south-east of the island, with an arid and dry climate, where the most incredible baobab forests in the world grow. Baobab oil like you've never seen before, powerful and intense hydration. For you.


For your hair, to use on the lengths, as a mask. If you can, leave the mask on overnight and take your regular shampoo the next day. For the skin, rub the oil with your hand to warm it, until it has a sufficiently liquid texture. Then apply the oil to the dry, damaged part of your skin. This oil takes time to penetrate your skin, gently massage your skin to make it penetrate. Applied pure, it will leave a light veil, protective and velvety. You can mix it with a dry oil like kukui for easier and faster penetration! Store at a cool temperature, in a dry place and above all without light.

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It's for you if:

- You like "raw" products: we kept the pulp of the baobab fruit to concentrate all the active ingredients in vegetable oil , for more effect!

- You are looking for a texture that is not too liquid: unfiltered baobab vegetable oil is almost solid at cool temperatures and liquefies when passing the bottle under lukewarm water

- You want to mix it with lemon eucalyptus, wild lemon or niaouli: this oil goes very well with tonic fragrances for a most appreciable "boost" effect.

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Baobab vegetable oil is recommended for dry, damaged or mature skin. Thanks to vitamin E and the essential fatty acids it contains, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and stimulates cell renewal. Applied to the lengths of the hair, it saves the most broken hair, exposed to the sun (we are talking about the baobab, that's normal;)) by fortifying it like never before.

Soothing and healing, it can also make sensitive skin happy. You can use it to relieve discomfort and irritation related to eczema or psoriasis. It will thus have a restorative action and will restore softness and elasticity to your skin. Finally, thanks to the wealth of nutrients it contains, it prevents stretch marks. Do not hesitate to apply it in a gentle massage on the affected areas!

To make your own healthy and natural preparations, with pure products.

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Suggestion N°1:

Mix in a container:

- 10 mL of virgin baobab oil

- 10 mL of virgin moringa oil

- 25 drops of wild lemon essential oil

Stir for a few minutes to harmonize the mixture well, and place it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

When you open the door again, you'll have a hair treatment ready to apply as a mask to your hair, extending into the ends. The tonic notes of wild lemon are most pleasant and your hair will thank you!

the composition.


Palmitic Acid:
The protective fatty acid. For natural protection and a softening effect: it is thanks to this fatty acid that your skin is soft to the touch after using our pure baobab oil!

Oleic Acid (Omega 9):
The last of the three essential fatty acids: to nourish your skin over the long term, restore its suppleness, repair it. Sebum is made up of 30%.

Stearic Acid (18:0):
A structuring fatty acid. The natural sebum of the skin is composed of 11%.

Vitamin F:
It is essential for the repair of the cells of your body. Into the Baobob is full of them! Deep and lasting hydration guaranteed.

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