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A family story

Kube Store is above all Michel and Yves, two brothers. We are from Geneva and have done all our classes in the canton. After launching our concept of buying and selling gold in Neuchâtel in 2015, we really began to realize that the Kube Store project had to see the light of day:

Transforming old jewelery into make little wonders out of it.

At the heart of the project

Responsibility and sustainability

As the years have passed, we have linked up with our customers and taken their needs into consideration. Make quality jewelry accessible to perfect a woman's look. We often talk about a handbag or a belt as a fashion accessory, but jewelery is the essential element to sublimate an outfit.

It is from there that we have chooses to use different subcontractors to start the process. Our priority was to create beautiful jewelry with recycled gold. And it's done! The objective is to limit the impact of our productions on the natural exploitation of minerals.

A whole art

From gold to gold plated

Gold plating is a fairly old technique. In the past, gilding was done with gold leaf, but today to plat it, the jewel is immersed in an electrolytic bath.

To sublimate all this, our jewels do not contain no nickel, lead or cadmium. They comply with European regulations REACH.

L'argent sterling

L'argent Sterling est un choix intemporel et polyvalent pour les amateurs de bijoux. Chez Kube Store, nous utilisons uniquement de l'argent sterling de la plus haute qualité, garantissant ainsi des bijoux durables et éclatants. Nos créations en argent sont conçues avec une attention méticuleuse aux détails, offrant une combinaison parfaite entre style contemporain et artisanat traditionnel.

a necessity

Our partners

We have also opened our doors to other artisans in order to vary the pleasures of each. In addition to our jewelry, we wanted to highlight care products, candles and lots of other nice surprises. It goes without saying that the products we select follow the line of eco-responsibility in place.

your words matter

Let's write this story together...

We are committed to keeping people at the center of our project and our relationship. Your feedback is valuable to us because we believe that you are the first actors to write this story.

We make ourselves available via:

our after-sales service to respond to your requests;

our social networks to chat and discuss;

our shop to meet us.