Discover the Kube Store Gold Plated Jewelry that Captivates Hearts
The world of jewelry can be fascinating, not only because of its sparkle and beauty, but also because it has the power to evoke deep emotions. Among the many jewelry brands, Kube Store stands out for its gold-plated designs that never fail to touch our hearts. Discover five of their creations which are real emotional favorites.

1. Timeless Elegance: Yolanda Necklace

The Yolanda necklace from Kube Store embodies timeless elegance that is sure to capture hearts. With its delicate design and refined beauty, this piece of jewelry adds a touch of charm to every outfit. Miyuki beads and 18k gold plating fuse together to create a piece that shines with a soft, elegant glow.

The Subtle Beauty of Miyuki Beads

The Yolanda necklace is adorned with Miyuki beads, each carefully selected for its perfection and brilliance. Miyuki beads are renowned for their impeccable finish and variety of colors, which adds a unique visual dimension to this jewelry. They create fluid movement along the chain, reflecting light in a subtle and captivating way.

18 Carat Gold Plated: Shine and Durability

Made with 18k gold plating, the Yolanda necklace combines sparkle and durability. The gold plating provides a warm, luxurious glow that perfectly complements the Miyuki beads. Additionally, its resistance to wear ensures that this piece of jewelry will continue to shine over time, withstanding the rigors of daily life.

Versatility for All Occasions

Whether for an elegant evening or a casual day, the Yolanda necklace adapts to all occasions. Its versatile design makes it perfect for elevating a simple outfit or complementing a sophisticated dress. Whatever the situation, this jewel adds a touch of discreet refinement that does not go unnoticed.

An Emotional Legacy

The Yolanda necklace transcends fleeting trends to become an emotional heirloom. Worn during special events or in everyday life, it becomes a symbol of life's precious moments. Miyuki beads and 18k gold plating evoke lasting memories and timeless emotions with every look.

2. Sophisticated Simplicity: Maelly Curls

Kube Store's Maelly buckles embody sophisticated simplicity with their clean design and exceptional quality. Made from 18k gold plated, these earrings are the perfect marriage between discretion and elegance.

A Refined Brilliant

Maelly curls feature a refined shine that discreetly catches the eye. With a diameter of 11 mm, they frame the face nicely without being obtrusive. The 3 micron thick gilding ensures not only long-lasting shine, but also water and tarnish resistance, ensuring these earrings remain dazzling over time.

An Ethical and Comfortable Choice

In addition to their elegance, Maelly earrings are an ethical and comfortable choice. They are guaranteed nickel-free and allergy-free, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin. You can wear them with confidence, knowing that your comfort and well-being have been considered in their design.

Everyday versatility

The sophisticated simplicity of Maelly earrings makes them versatile for all occasions. Whether you wear them to the office, to a night out with friends or to a special event, they discreetly complete your look with a touch of refinement. Their sleek design goes with any outfit and style, adding a touch of effortless elegance.

Emotional Connection

Maelly earrings go beyond their external beauty to create an emotional connection with those who wear them. Their simplicity and exceptional quality remind us that beauty often lies in the subtle details. They thus become an expression of your refined taste and your appreciation for unpretentious sophistication.

3. Delicate Femininity: Maya Bracelet

The Maya bracelet from Kube Store embodies delicate femininity with its refined design and exceptional quality. This 18-carat gold-plated jewel is much more than a simple accessory, it is a statement of grace and refinement.

A Delicate Charm

The Maya bracelet seduces with its delicate charm that captures the very essence of femininity. The fine, elegant links come together to form a harmonious chain that subtly enhances the wrist. Its sleek design allows it to be worn alone for a minimalist look or layered with other bracelets to create an elegant effect.

Quality of Gilding

To ensure quality and strong gilding, the Maya bracelet benefits from gilding with a thickness of 3 microns. This attention to detail ensures that the bracelet retains its shine and beauty for a long time, withstanding the challenges of everyday life. Its careful finish reflects the durability of this jewel which continues to shine over time.

A Touch of Luxury

18-karat gold plating gives the Maya bracelet a touch of understated luxury. Its warm, refined glow harmonizes perfectly with the skin, adding a subtle note of elegance to every gesture. Whether for a special occasion or to enhance your everyday style, this bracelet adds a touch of refinement to your look.

A Symbol of Grace

The Maya bracelet becomes a symbol of grace and delicacy for those who wear it. Its simplicity and timeless beauty remind us that true elegance lies in the subtle details. It is the ideal companion to express your feminine side with confidence and grace.


Kube Store's gold-plated jewelry is not just an accessory, but an emotional expression that embellishes our lives. Each piece tells a story, evokes memories and creates deep connections with our emotions. Whether it's a sparkling necklace, understated earrings, or a nature-inspired ring, these designs are more than adornments—they're emotional crushes.

Kube Store Gold Plated Jewelry FAQ

  1. Q: Where can I buy the gold plated jewelry from Kube Store?
    A: You can access the collection by visiting this link .

  2. Q: Is gold plated jewelry durable?
    A: Yes, gold plated jewelry from Kube Store is designed to be durable and wear-resistant.

  3. Q: Do you offer customization options for jewelry?
    A: Yes, the personalized bar necklace allows for custom engraving to create a unique piece of jewelry.

  4. Q: Is jewelry suitable for special occasions?
    A: Absolutely, Kube Store jewelry is perfect for any special occasion, whether big or small.

  5. Q: Are Kube Store designs trendy?
    A: Yes, Kube Store offers jewelry that is both timeless and fashionable, suitable for various styles and preferences.

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